(“If you follow it to find where it came from”)

I grabbed my backpack and ran straight after it, through the forest. I could feel the branches scratching my face one by one.

I reached my hand out to try grab the creature in front of me.. But it seemed to be too far for me to ever reach.

“If only my hands were longer,” I said to myself.

The creature was scurrying away at an amazing speed, hopping over roots of trees, dodging low branches, and avoiding the slippery dried leaves on the forest floor.

It seemed like forever to find the end of this forest. For a second I thought I had lost sight of the creature but in a glimpse of light I saw the body of the creature ahead.

I hurried and dropped my bag, but that didn’t matter. I just needed to know what the creature was and where it came from.

I launched my jump and landed right on the creature,\. I grabbed it by it’s hand and looked carefully what it was.

It was a .. unique kind of animal, I have never seen such an animal in my whole life. The creature was a mop of white, fluffy fur and had big, shiny eyes. It had a tiny nose with whiskers springing out. It's short, stumpy legs moved swiftly across the camping ground.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This creature was no more than a baby. A human cotton bud I could say it was.
I didn’t know what to do with it.

“ To let it free and go back to camp “
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“ To Wrap it around and bring it back to camp “
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“ To stay with it and continue exploring the forest “
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