"C'mon little guy" said Josh as he tried, uselessly, to beckon it towards him.

It just stood there,motionless for a while but then waddled off to explore our campus.

"He's so cute," I remarked.

The strange creature seemed to stay around us so we decided to feed it some biscuits. Josh just threw a tantrum and complained that they were his snacks. It took hold of the food and ran away next to a tree to eat in peace.

From the day we found the creature we considered the "thing" as a pet, although I secretly called it Bonbon. Josh gathered firewood and I prepared dinner, actually it was hardly a meal. Just canned food. The white fluffy creature slept next to me. It was so cute!

Next day was when the whole thing basically started. I woke up, Josh was sleeping in as usual and noticed Bonbon had disappeared from my side. What? Bonbon's gone? I woke Josh and we searched desperately. After what seemed like hours I noticed was a box slumped up on the side of the tent.

I opened it cautiously having no idea what was inside. Come to think of it, I should have informed Josh about the box before I actually did.

A weird sensation crept over me. Then everything went black.

'Thud!' went my head as it hit the ground.

Where was I and what was this box?

Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe Dora had also stumbled across one of these boxes.

If you turn and hide in the bushes to find out more.
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If you open up the box to warn Josh

If you confront the army
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