As we looked closer, we saw that it's body was a mop of small, white fluff and the creature's big shiny eyes seemed to say something. It's short, stumpy legs moved quickly over the camping grounds.
The creature stared at us with big eyes, and slowly started plodding towards us.
It suddenly occurred us that we were in danger. We backed away slowly, turned and ran for it.
We were now sprinting and were exhausted.
After a while, we were so exhausted that we snuck behind a tree so we could catch our breath.
As we ducked behind the old tree, Josh tripped up on a tree root which had made a hole in the ground. I noticed that the root had left a hole and saw something glistening. I told Josh and he gave me a hand to pull it out. It was a box.

Josh and I were curious about what was in the strange box but we suddenly felt hesitant about whether we should open the box.
"Let's not open it," said Josh after a while.
"Yeah..." I agreed, nodding thoughtfully.
Both of us knew that we shouldn't open it, but we all felt the sudden urge to lift the lid.
The trees swayed in the wind and the rustle of the leaves were the only noises in the silent forest.
"We're going back." Josh said decidedly, though neither of us could tear our eyes away from the box.
Nobody moved. Finally, he turned towards the camp and slowly trudged back. I followed. We both forgot about the creature.

* * * * *

Later that day, Josh was attempting to cook a meal. I was wandering around the camp grounds, thinking about where Dora could be. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a white blur. It was the creature and it was heading in the opposite direction.
I glanced back at Josh, he was still busy trying to get our dinner ready. I wish I had told Josh about my trip, but I didn't, for some reason I wanted this to be a secret. Maybe I knew what I was getting myself into. The strange creature was already getting out of sight, so there was no time for me to think. I ran after it, straight to the deepest part of the Bekura Forest.

It seemed to move extremely fast for a animal, but of course I never regarded it as an animal. It seemed... to have a category of its own. There was something about it that made the whole forest shiver. It went further and further, until I could no longer see the camp grounds and no longer hear Josh's disappointed cries. I ran and ran until I thought my legs would honestly fall off. Then suddenly the creature stopped.
If it turned around now, I thought desperately, then I am in deep trouble!
It seemed strange that Josh and I were afraid of such a small, harmless looking, creature but as we both knew, it was no ordinary thing. I quickly surveyed my surroundings and chose a small bush that I could hide behind but was easy to look out through. I half-scrambled and half walked, to the deep green bush and silently ducked behind it.

It was then, that I saw that the creature was holding the box. The one that Josh and I discovered earlier. The creature checked that no one was watching as it moved its furry paw towards the lid.

To wait for the creature to open the box

>click here<

To jump out and stop the creature opening the box

>click here<

To forget about the box

>click here<