(“ To let it free and go back to camp“)

Maybe I should just leave it I thought. Afterall, I don't even know what it is.

I set the creature gently onto the ground. The creature sniffed around and looked at me.

"Go, before somebody finds you. They might cage you, you know," I said threateningly, trying to encourage the creature to leave.

Somehow, the creature seemed to understand me, as it quickly scuttled away, disappearing into the thick bushes.

I slowly made my way back to camp and greet Josh. (Guys, are they meant to be separated, or were they together when they went to follow the creature?)

I found him hunched up near one of our tents, his body crouching low and looming over something.

I realised he was holding something in his hands.

I also realised he haven't even acknowledged the fact that I'm standing a few metres away from him.

"Uh. Hi Josh," I said, "What've you got there?"

"Nothing." he mumbled, as he edged closer to the tent and gripped onto the object tighter.

I took a few steps closer, trying to peer over his shoulder. At this point, he didn't attempt to conceal the thing he was holding any more, and I finally saw what it was. I crouched next to him.

It was a box.

The box was as big as a pair of hands and it had a polished ebony finish. A lid was attached to the side with golden hinges, and there was a small keyhole on the front of the box. It had a mystifying aura around it, as if it's urging for us to open it.

It's probably locked a voice said in my head
How would you know? You haven't even tried to open it. another voice said
Shuddap. It's not YOUR box anyway the other voice argued

I banished the voices from my head, "Where did you find it?" I whisper to Josh, eyes still glued to the box.

"I just found it. It was just lying there next to our tents." he replies, clearly as perplexed as I am.

"Oh." I say.

"So... Should we open the box?" he says in a hushed voice.

"I... dunno."

We stayed squatting motionlessly, eyes not taking a glimpse away from the box. We both knew that the box could contain dangerous things in it, I mean, how often would you find a box lying on your campsite when you swear it wasn't there before?

But on the other hand, I really wanted to see the secrets the box conceals...

If you choose to open the box click here

If you choose not to open the box click here