To wrap it around and take it back to camp.

I tried to grab the creature, so i could take it back to camp to show Josh. The creature looked friendly. I chased after the creature through

millions of trees and branches. I thought of how I could catch the creature it was running away really fast, but suddenly it stopped.

It was looking at me and was wondering what i was trying to do. I thought I could wrap it in a cloth. I then reached for a blanket in my bag pack.

The blanket was soft and blue. I turned back around and saw the creature was gone, it just disappeared

I looked for it everywhere and thought were could have it gone to ! I heard some rustling in the bushes that were beside me and thought the creature

could be there. I slowly snug up towards the rustling sound. I saw a white animal or creature with fur that was rustling inside the bushes it looked very

much like the creature. That must be the creature ! I crouched down and walked quickly to see if that was the creature.

It peeped through the bushes, looking at me in a strange way. I reached for some leaves that were beside me, thinking that the creature might be

tempted by the leaves and would come towards me. It worked!. The leaves was temptation to the creature. The creature slowly crawled moving in my

direction, wanting the leaves. It was hungry and gently ate all the leaves from my hand. I left bag pack by the river, I had to get it because the blanket

was in it. I needed it to wrap the creature in the blanket so i could so I could take it back to camp. I led a trail of leaves, tempting the creature to follow it

to the river, so i could retrieve my bag pack and blanket in it. The creature ate one leave after another. Once it reached the river it stopped, and looked

like it still was looking for more.