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( Charlie )

I held it in my arms and it seems so much like my soft toy at home. I slowly wrapped it up and but held it tightly on my arms to make sure it wouldn't escape.

I Picked up myself and walked back the way I came. I picked up my bag but it was clung to a piece of metal. I didn't know what it was, and I was just about to pull it, but all of a suddenly the creature poked it's head out and screamed out in a loud voice. I held it back, only to discover my bag was joined to a piece a metal that was a animal trap.

"The creature saved my life" I said to myself.. " But How Could It Be? "
I slowly threw a hard piece of rock against and the net swung up and part of my bag ripped on the side. I slowly took the bag and went back to the direction I found the creature. On my walk back I was thinking why this creature would scream out to help me. But most importantly what is this creature and where did it come from.

I walked towards the end of the forest and saw a glimpse of light and I ran towards it. I saw a huge waterfall. The most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen in my life. I ran towards it and looked at my reflection. I have become so different from before. I got some water and filled it with my bottle. I drunk 4 bottles of water non-stop. Now I know what it's like for the 40 hour famine. I looked at the creature, thirsty and so tired. I let it down and washed it with water. I gently put it's mouth against the water. And it's rainbow coloured tongue poked out to drink the water. When I looked at it again, it didn't seem like such a bad animal after all, it was just a soft toy that turned into a creature I said to myself.

I creature jumped at my arm and licked it, at first I thought it just liked the taste of humans but I saw he was slowly healing the cuts on my arm. This creature was.. a... Lifesaver of all sorts. I smiled at it and patted it on the head. It did the cutest smile I've ever seen, I couldn't resist to hug it, and grabbed it and hugged it as hard as I could. The colour of it turned red, then back blue again and popped into a fluff ball.

" I never knew soft toys could do that " I said while giggling a bit.

I walked towards the waterfall, while taking a nice In-Clothes shower. I stared at the waterfall and a reflection of a box was on it. I put my hands towards it and the little fluff ball popped back into a creature. I reached my hand it it and the little blue fluffy hand beside me reached inside it too. I picked it up and got it out. and walked slowly back to the grass pit on the corner of the waterfall. I looked at it and Bom Bom, the cutest blue soft-toy like creature jumped on it, and showed me the key hole.

Before I got the chance to see how I could open it, Sarah came. I hugged her so tight.
" Your Alive! That's great " I said myself
" Yeah..And I wish You Weren't " said Sarah in a saicastic voice.
Now Just to figure out how to open this box. Sarah lifted up her necklace. I saw a old key that I've never seen and the shape of it just seemed like it would just fit the key hole on the box. I grabbed it and broke the top of it.

All I had to do now is open it, should I? Or should I not?

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