( Open It )

I reached my hand and grabbed the key, With the key in my hand I slowly reached for the box right in front of me.
" Clunk " As I opened the box.
A portal warped out of the box, I grabbed my bag and the fluff ball creature on the ground.
I yelled out to Sarah,
Without thinking where this portal might led to I jumped inside the portal. I felt a bit sick, and the waves of the patterns around the portal was making me so dizzy
Im going to..Going to..Faint..I feel so sick I said to myself.

Before I was going to puke, the portal disapeared and I was thrown in the middle of nowhere to a soft, green grass.
" WATCH OUT " Said Sarah
I looked up and she was falling out of the air.
Safety for her, she landed on me, but for me, I felt like there was a rock on me
" Your getting Fat.! Go on a diet " I said
" Whatever. I bet I lost some weight on this TRIP! "

I opened up my bag, It was unzipped but seems like nothing dropped out of the bag.
" Wheres the fluff ball thing " I said
" Meh " Said the fluff ball
" Oh Sorry.. Sorry..Bom Bom " I said
"More Like Cheerleader Pom Poms" I said to myself.
"Let's hope this fluff ball Bom Bom Cant hear what Im saying"

I got up and saw a big forest in front of me.
"I Guess..This trip is going to take longer than I thought."

Guyys.. I don't know what else to write because others havent done that much yet..Well you have Linus and Brad..And Jim. But I don't know what else to write..And Where does the portal actually led to? And What happens at the end of the story? What are the three endings.?