(Choose not to open the box)

"Well...? Should we open the box or not?" Josh asks eagerly.

"Um..." I murmur, mind racing at almost 80kmph
Open or not open?

Not open or open?

"Let's just not open it!" I decide aloud.

"Yeah," Josh agrees, "You're right. Afterall, we're really here to find Dora anyway. Who cares about a stupid box?"

I nod, a little too sadly.

"Let's just put it in our backpack and forget about it for now," I say.

I stand up as Josh reaches to pick the box up. I turn to my backpack and start to clear out some things to make space for the box. Just as I unzip the bag, Josh makes a small whimper.


"Huh?" I whip back. I saw Josh clutching his left hand, the box fallen open by his feet. "Did you -- "

I was about to finish the sentence, when I suddenly felt a weird warping feeling. I felt dizzy and fell to my knees, as my eyes drooped down.

What happens next?
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