When I could finally open my eyes, I immediately closed them again.

I was lying on a length of soft grass, facing up at the piercing sun. I shielded my eyes with a hand and sat up.

"W-wha -- ?" I murmured, looking around with wonder.

Did I black out? Am I kidnapped? Wait...


A fury of thoughts was aroused in my mind, and I began to feel dizzy.

Is this heaven?

Well. This place certainly has the potential of being heaven. There's a canvas of lush green stretching to the horizon, a warm sun beating down, and a gravel road leading to the unknown.

I heard somebody stir beside me -- It was Josh.

He mumbled something in a slurred voice, before sitting up, rubbing his eyes.

"Uh. This doesn't seem like the forest. What happened to our campsite? And the box?! Hey! Where's that little fluffy thing?" he exclaimed nonstop. He immediately jumped up, eagerly examining our surroundings.

"Whoa, Josh! Just calm down!