If you open the box to warn Josh about the box, click here.

I quickly fumbled over the box and plied open the lid.

"Josh! I know where Dora is!" I screamed in his ears. "What..can I get at least one undisturbed sleep?" groaned Josh. "I said I know where Dora is, or might be."

"Oh that's nice, I'm going to sleep now..." answered Josh. Suddenly he jumped out from his sleeping bag.

"Who what when why?! Wait a minute what have you got there?" I was getting to that, If you'd let me. "Actually to be honest I don't really know exactly what it is."

What I do know, is that it's a portal of some sort. I mean you've got to try it to believe it." I handed the box over to Josh and we both peered inside.

The scenery was.. different than we'd ever seen before. Desolate cracked ground with nothing much.

Josh wandered about the barren lands puzzled and how this was possible. It still didn’t make sense. “We should follow the foot path to civilization.” I suggested.

I had a bad feeling we were going to end up in a bad situation by the rate we were going. It felt as if we were walking forever. Sweat dripped down our faces and we were in need of water.

Then we saw it. A stone wall. Not any kind of stone wall, but a dark tar one that you wouldn't even find in the medieval times. Grey bricks held the wall sturdy and casted a shadow that loomed over us.

We stopped and stared in awe. "whoa. Where are we?". "We're in New York " I said sarcastically. "Haha you're so funny" replied Josh. We retreated back to a bunch of trees where we could examine the 'fortress' from all sides or what ever it was.

The walls stretched for hundreds of meters showing only one sign of entry."You really think she'd be inside that piece of rock?" Asked Josh. "Well, I guess.." I stopped in mid-sentence. "Shhh, look over there .." Dark hunched creatures bounded out from, in search of something.

I held my hand in front of Josh's mouth. You could tell on his expression he was in deep shock, and so was I. Dark creepy monsters was not part of our plan. We waited a while till we were sure "they" we all gone. "Ok.. I think I want to go back home now.." said Josh. "C'mon you big wuss, you can't back out now that you've just seen the most hideous things in your life?" GOINGING TO EDITEDED THIS

Inside was not what we expected forget what we sw come out of the fortress! Their were atleast 50 different types of creatures moving around and Josh looked pale.

I hurriedly shoved Josh behind the wall, just incase he freaked out and we got found out. "Okay, so we're not exactly in the best position right now but we just need to get Dora out of this" I reasured him.

"It's not that.. look" responded Josh. It was massive flying creatures, red scaly skin with dark black eyes. Seemed to be prowling over the land. This place is seriously giving me the creeps. "Hey I think we should go out there" I said. "What! are you crazy! They're gonna kill us!"

There was something wrong about these things, I mean other than the fact that they were aliens. They all looked so sad. Just moving along working. Maybe they were slaves for those black creatures?

I was thinking too much, I turned to Josh. Josh!!! I groaned. He had disapeared.