What was this strange new place there was these weird looking creatures not like the one we found earlier but

They in a sense looked evil, I'm glad that little fluff ball got away safely, come to think of it where did that cute thing go?

Ok back to now, I had to find a way out of here! if I got into the box then there must be a way I can get out (right?)
Then the thought came over me I may never get out of here alive, don't be stupid Sarah! theres a way out of here it's just I haven't found it yet.

Time to look around, wait I'm surrounded by flesh eating monsters I wish I had one of those invisible capes like in harry potter (ooh Daniel Radcliffe hes so hot) Ok back to reality sarah I had to find a way out I just had to.

But If i get seen by one of those ugly beasts Oh how I don't wont to be seen by one of those beasts, If I could just get to that stronghold fort thing
I need a distraction what are you talking about Sarah this isn't childrens story posted on the internet for thousands of people to view from all round the world.

I needed something better like a plan of some sort but wait Dora must be around here somewhere I think I'll find her.

If you choose to stay and find Dora click here

If you choose to find another way out click here